Building Green Consultancy: Recently Green Force’s owner moved into his own green building. A new home and office that was entirely build according to the green and ecological vision of the owner. A house that has taken into consideration nature, water saving, energy saving, alternative energy production, green areas, non toxic paint, best location view, best use of natural air flow, recycling, chemical storage, insulation, green cleaning products, etc.

A house and office that has been build following guidelines from LEED (Leadership in environmental design) and following concepts and ideas from different sources such as: Dark sky organization, Energy Star, Curacao Business Platform for Sustainable Development (BPM), the Living Building concept and mostly an environmental friendly common sense.

Green Force does not want to keep this to itself, this Eco-house should be the new way of building on the island and wants to help you do the same. Do what is right for the planet.

Do you know where to buy non toxic paint?, do you know how to insulate your building?, a clue as to which solar panel provider you should choose?, ever heard about the red list?, which pipelines will you use taking in consideration the environment?, wooden roof or concrete?, how will you use the wind?. Learn all the answers to these questions and way more.

Green Force can help you design and create a green house or project according to your budget and dreams. Let us help you take care of the environment and still have your favorite place being created. Building green is not just a temporary trend, it should be the only way of designing and building the spaces in which we live and work.

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Internal Greening Services: Wondering what you can do in your current home or at work in order to help the environment?. Green Force can help you out with an internal greening process in which we will look closely to your building assets, building performance, purchase behavior, recycling possibilities and user education / behavior.

From educational speeches to paper use, from turning off the lights to recycling your waste, Green Force can help you be greener and take responsibility for the environment. All small and easy to set up steps that can help you perform greener.

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