Vision: It is in my true believe that when lots of people do small things, big things can happen. By making recycling available to everyone, I am sure we can start taking responsibility for the waste we create in a sustainable manner.

Society so far has been stuck in a linear consumption pattern in which people Buy -> Consume -> Waste. This has created big environmental problems such as the landfills and improper waste disposal on the streets, our oceans and in our environment.

By recycling people can move from an irresponsible consumption society to a sustainable society in which they take proper care of their waste by: Buying -> Consuming -> Recycling.

Timo Brouwer

Mission: Green Force is dedicated to create and facilitate recycling on the island of Cura├žao. Starting with information, society can be informed about the possibilities and become aware of what they can do to help save the planet by proper waste disposal.

In the process of making recycling available to everyone, I hope that people will gain consciousness about how to chose their products and how to take proper care of its packaging.

Through recycling we can help our natural environment, we create jobs, increase the life of our landfill, reduce our waste and generate profits that will benefit the island and its environment.

Everybody can recycle, therefore everybody can save the planet

Plastic bottles