Best recycling practices:

You can help improve recycling by following these important rules:

- Make sure you learn to identify your plastics. If you can not find a recycling triangle on it, neither can we, so if we can not identify it, we can not recycle it. Here is where the consumer has the power to chose for a certain product. It is industry best practice to properly identify their products. You also have the right to know in which type of packaging your product comes. Plastic resin chart.

- All liquids and solids should be removed. For the majority of the PET bottles (plastic type # 1), just emptying them is enough, but when you have peanut butter, mayonnaise, ketchup, detergents, shampoo or the like, then they have to be washed out. Food and liquids entering the recycling process can contaminate the recyclables and make people working in the recycling industry sick.

- The same accounts for the detergent and milk jug bottles in plastic types 2 (HDPE or PEAD), all residue should be washed out. Please make sure these type of recyclables are completely clean and empty. Chemicals contained into them can mix and make our work dangerous during sorting and processing.

- For all plastic bottles, please remove the caps. Those can be recycled along with plastic type number 2. Do not worry about finding the type of plastic, the majority are number 2 (HDPE).

- May you have some time and the strength, please squeeze your plastic bottles, this saves space in the recycling container and helps Green Force improve its logistics and productivity.

- Do not mix the different types of plastics. Check you resin number.

- No iron. Do not mix aluminum with iron. Iron is not being recycled on Cura├žao.

- No glass or any other material should be mixed with other recyclables.

- Make sure you deliver your car battery full. Green Force will neutralize the acid before having the rest of the battery be recycled. This way we ensure that the acid will not enter the environment and damage it.

Green Force does not recycle glass and never will