How can you start at home?:

The first thing you want to do it to learn how to identify your plastics. Most plastic bottles have the recycling triangle at the bottom, try to find it and learn what type of plastic it is. If not identified at the bottom, some brands identify their containers at the label. Is it plastic type number 1 or 2, then you can bring it to a recycling center of Green Force. Find the resin chart here.

The second step is to create several collection bins in which you can store the different types of materials, usually a cardboard box or a re-usable bag would be enough to get you started.

Inform the rest of your living partners or family about your good intension's for saving the planet and that you expect them to do that too as they all create waste and they all live on the same planet as you do.

Finally, when your collections bins are full, please bring your recyclables to a recycling center where you can dispose of your recyclables in a separate and proper manner.

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Collecting plastics
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