Health and care:

Although the human body can get rid of plastic particles pretty good, some types of plastics can still damage your body with the release of dioxins.

Green Force recommends to not consume any food or beverage contained into the following types of plastics:

- PVC or Vinyl, plastic type number 3: This type of plastic can produce cancer. Green Force has found cooking oil contained in this type of plastic. This should not be possible.

- PS, plastic type number 6: Foam, foam containers and lots of plastic cups, are made with this type of plastic. As mentioned before, if your body has certain genetics, or there are certain parts of your body not functioning properly, or if the quality of a product is just not good, you could be at high risk.

This type of plastic has been related in several studies to all kinds of health problems such as: Obesitas, hormonal fluctuations, fertility problems, breast cancer, unwanted abortions and more. Source Wikipedia.

Green Force recommends to not consume warm food, warm drinks (hot chocolate, tea or coffie) or soups contained in foam or plastic type number 6

We see more and more products switching from plastic packaging number 6 to plastic number 1 as number 1 is safer for human consumption. Any food contained into plastic number 6 can be contaminated with chemicals due to leaching. Specially if the food or beverages are warm or warmed up into this type of plastic.

- Other, plastic type number 7: Green Force has found several products such as a certain brand of Iced Tea and ketchup contained into this type of plastic. For your reference, this type of plastic is like a soup of other types, so generally it is hard to tell if this plastic soup was made in a responsible way or not, it could contain bad types of plastic as well. We recommend to switch to a different brand in order to make sure your health is being protected.

In general terms we suggest the following:

Do not consume anything in foam, this for your health and for the environment

Do not put your plastic bottles in the freezer.

Do not leave your plastic drink bottle under the sun with drinks in it.

Do not warm up food in the microwave into a plastic container, use glass instead for the warming up. Warming up plastic containing your soup, tea, coffee or food, will cause dioxins to be released and leached into your food. Dioxins cause cancer.

Same applies for plastic foil, do not cover your food with plastic foil and then warm it up in the micro. Dioxins will “sweat” out of the foil and drop into your food, poisoning your body with dioxins.

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