What can you recycle through Green Force?:

- UBC: Used Beverage Cans, made of Aluminum.

Examples are: Soda cans, iced tea cans, beer and some types of cat food.

Exceptions are: The brand Fernandes, beer from Euroshopper, vegetable cans, dog food, fruit cans and any other can that is made with iron instead of aluminum. Not sure?, use a magnet, if it falls off, it is aluminum.

- PET plastic type # 1: Transparent plastic bottles marked with the recycling triangle and a number 1 in it. Also branded with the name PET or PET-E. In any color available, such as clear, blue, green, brown, etc.

Examples are: Water bottles, some kinds of cleaning products in transparent plastic, soda bottles, iced tea.

- HDPE plastic type # 2: Plastic bottles that are not transparent. Please make sure you find the recycling triangle with a number 2 in it and the words: HDPE of PEAD under the triangle

Examples are: Detergent and shampoo bottles in non transparent plastic and milk jugs. Please rinse all.

- LDPE plastic type # 4: This is for industrial recycling only, Curaçao imports the majority of its goods on pallets, those pallets are wrapped with Shrink Wrap. All clear shrink wrap can be recycled by Green Force.

- Car batteries: The majority of the car batteries on Curaçao are not being recycled in a responsible way. Green Force will pay you for your full car or truck battery, neutralize the acid and have the battery recycled and re-used (100% of it) under the most strict environmental rules. Your battery will be recycled by ISO 14001 (environmental certification) companies with guaranteed no child labor nor modern slavery.

- Cardboard: Even if cardboard is biodegradable, why not save trees by recycling it?. Green Force can help you with the recycling of your industrial cardboard. It will be exported and re-used abroad saving lots of trees. The more trees we save, the better the quality of our air becomes and the more CO2 we can capture from our atmosphere.

Do you wish to recycle your household waste? see here where you can get rid of it.

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