Why recycle?:

Always wondered why you should recycle?. Recycling is the right thing to do, it makes it possible to regain the material you consider waste in order to re-use it.

This planet can only provide so much resources at any given lapse of time. When we over consume, the capacity of the planet to produce those materials or resources, we are actually taken away resources that belong to our future and to those of the next generations to come.

See it as follows: You need a certain type of material, like aluminum, in order to drink that soda you like so much. So this material is being extracted somewhere on the planet, with environmental damage, and it is used to create that can that contains your soda. When you buy that soda you consume it and then most probably will waste it if you are not a recycler. Now the next time you want another soda, again ores have to be gained somewhere in order to make a second can, with more environmental and energy waste.

When you recycle, you can use the same material / resource / ore for making the same products over and over again, without the environmental damage that goes with the extraction of the resource and the transport of those materials from that source to the factory.

For example, it tales 95% more energy to make a new can from virgin ore, than recycling an old one.

This same principle applies to, for example, a plastic bottle. It is being made with oil, if you where to recycle it, it would cost 75% less energy as to making a new one from oil.

When you recycle, you are making optimal use of a resource or material. As you re-use the same material over and over, you are saving energy, water, nature, the landfill and you are contributing to a lot of positive things like: stopping global warming, creating green jobs, creating a new economy for the island, making the most effective use possible of any given material or resource.