What is recycling according to Green Force?:

Recycling is the process in which a material is used several times for the same or different purpose. For example a soda aluminum can once was a soda can, but later it could be melted down and re-used to make window frames, a car, an air plane or a beverage can once more.

Nature recycles as well it you think about it. A death tree trunk that first used to be a tree, later on the ground it becomes food for different insects or becomes a fertilizer for the same tree or other trees. Nature does not waste anything, so why would we?, have we unlearn the natural processes?

It is out most important to recycle those materials that are not created by nature, for example plastics. Nature does not know plastic and does not have an efficient way to brake it down into usable components. It is up to the creators of these materials (humans) to recycle them and to make sure they do not become a burden to the environment.

The process of recycling may look different for each type of material, but in general line it follows the following process: Big chunks of material are chopped down to usable sizes, then they are “washed or melted” to remove impurities, after that they will be melted down and mixed with virgin materials according to the necessity of the manufacturer, finally the end material will be shaped into something usable for consumption or building.

Recycling is a circular way of thinking, we buy a product that is contained into a certain type of packaging, we use the product and we bring the packaging away for re-use, when this circle is complete, then you are recycling. By doing this you are using optimally the materials needed to create the packaging and saving the planet lots of energy, pollution and other resources.

Recycling services: Green Force can help you set up a recycling program for the following materials:

- Plastic PET (1) drink bottles and cleaning products.

- Plastic HDPE (2) cleaning product bottles.

- Plastic shrink wrap LDPE (4).

- Aluminum cans UBC (Used beverage can).

- Used car batteries

- Cardboard

We can also hook you up with paper recyclers, how great is that for your business?.

Contact us here and have Green Force send you a quotation or visit you in order to set up a recycling program custom build to your needs and waste specifications.

HDPE bottles
Aluminum Cans
PET Bottles
LDPE shrink wrap
Car batteries
Car battery
Cardboard bale